There are four packages (courses) available:
1) The 15 laps dash
2) The Entree
3) The Semi Main
4) The Main course (Advanced course with Ricky Logan)
For all courses you will be given full briefing on safety procedure, how to start the car, tuition on driving lines and throttle control, track position and how to shut the car down.
All safety equipment will be supplied (except shoes, wear sport shoes ok) which includes Helmet, Gloves and Driving Suit.
Once you are behind the wheel you will have the race track all to yourself.

The 15 laps dash $270.00
This course is designed for people who has little or no racing experience and wants the thrill of driving a Sprintcar. It’s also ideal for those who want to start their sprintcar racing career and experience their first time behind the wheel of a Sprintcar. This course consists of 15 non stop laps on the race track.

The Entree $495.00
This is designed for people to learn a little more on how to drive a Sprintcar. With this course being a little longer it will give you the opportunity to work on your driving skills during the track time.
The entree course includes a total of 25 laps breaking down into two sessions, a 10 laps and 15 laps session.

The Semi Main $795.00
This semi main gives you an insight into what it’s really like to drive a Sprintcar at a race meeting. With the driving sessions divided into three sessions, this is basically how a race night for a Sprintcar driver is programmed. It gives you even more opportunity to enhance your driving skills.
The Semi Main course includes a total of 40 laps over three sessions – two 10 laps sessions and a 20 laps feature session.

The Main course – Advance course $POA
You will be coached by professional Sprintcar driver Ricky Logan.
This is designed for people who has some racing experience or for those who have graduated from the other courses.
Ricky will provide some in depth technical set up information as well as basic set up concepts for aligning and freeing up the chassis for maximum track performance. You will learn driving lines, apex, throttle control, how to read a race track and Ricky will teach you what it takes to go fast and monitor you skills while you are on the race track.
This is the perfect introduction and will prepare you for a real race meeting in a Sprintcar if you so wish.
The course consists of 70 to 80 laps broken up into several sessions.

What is a Sprintcar?

Sprint cars are high-powered race cars designed primarily for the purpose of running on short oval or circular dirt or paved tracks.

The added wings increased the downforce generated on the car, with the opposite direction of the sideboards helping to turn the car in the corners. This makes the car easier to control.



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